Sticker Love Mirrorkote

RM0.50 RM0.30

500pcs = RM 150.00
1000pcs = RM 180.00

Size / Saiz :
35mm X 31mm

Colour / Warna :
1 Colour only

Pages / Laman :
1 Pages only

Minimum order / Tempahan minimum :

Features / Ciri :

Format File :

Material / Bahan :
Sticker PVC White

Printing / Cetakan :
720dpi / UV


Terms and Conditions :
The type of card design above is subject to existing stock only. However, the design of the card can be issued without the finishing process described above ;

  1. Prices do not include shipping ;
  2. If you already have a design, no additional charge incurred ;
  3. If the reservation requires a design, an extra charge of RM50-RM100 will be charged for each design ; and
  4. There is no GST charged.

Terma dan Syarat :

Jenis-jenis reka bentuk kad di atas tertakluk kepada stok sedia ada. Walaubagaimanapun, reka bentuk kad boleh dikeluarkan tanpa proses Finishing yang dinyatakan di atas;

  1. Harga tidak termasuk kos penghantaran ;
  2. Jika anda sudah mempunyai reka bentuk, tiada caj tambahan dikenakan ;
  3. Jika tempahan memerlukan reka bentuk, caj tambahan sebanyak RM50-RM100 akan dikenakan bagi setiap reka bentuk; dan
  4. Tiada GST dikenakan



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